Private Sightseeing Tours

Colorado Tour Guides, LLC
and A Guide Out West
In full operation since 2003, have developed a well-established reputation
as one of the best tour operators in Denver and the West. As long-standing members of
our Tourism Bureau, Visit Denver, we
are committed to providing exceptional service
and to making our guests' visit to Colorado a memorable adventure.

We have earned our reputation for excellence
through years of experience, innovation and professionalism.

You may think that your Private Sightseeing Tour
will begin with your Guide who meets and greets you
as a sort of posh chauffeur?
(Wearing a very official-looking, black uniform,
fancy tie
and starched white shirt?)

This is the West.
Actually, you will spot him or her in jeans and casual western wear,
ready for fun
and with a big smile and a warm, western,
“Howdy, Folks!”

Are you considering private sightseeing tours
in Denver, the Foothills, or beyond?
In our spectacular mountains?
In Colorado Springs, Cheyenne WY, or
Rocky Mountain National Park?

We know from experience that it’s kinda hard to find your way around a new city,
contending with traffic, parking, and other challenges in an unfamiliar environment.

Besides that, you can’t even relax and have the best sightseeing opportunities

How about inviting a Professional Guide to host your private tour?
You and your party don't have to rent a vehicle or drive, you'll just relax, gaze out the windows and enjoy the views, along with the fun of hearing explanations and tales about them. See what you like, stop where you like, for as long as you like
and let us make sure that happens ... a happy day out!
(And of course, we know the best photo stops!)

A Guide Out West
specializes in private sightseeing tours
customized and designed especially for your own private group, based on your own requests
and wishes for a fun day out.

We offer a range of private sightseeing tours for groups of all sizes. From two, to more than 200 passengers,
we are ready and we have you covered.

sounds like such a passive word.

What, exactly,
does sightseeing mean to you?

According to the dictionary, sightseeing is
“the act of visiting famous and interesting sights, and things of interest.”
It states that the word ‘sightseer’
was first coined way back in 1821.

And guess what? That’s exactly what we do!

The best sightseeing is “sight-experiencing"

How else could you describe everything
the Denver region has to offer?

 How else could you enjoy your very own
local guide and private sightseeing tour,
never combined with strangers?

Where else is comfort and pace a priority?

Where else are you never rushed along ...
feeling like a Rubbernecker?

Our highly-qualified
Private Sightseeing Tour Guides
are dedicated to providing personalized service,
making visitors from all over the world
feel most welcome!

We have earned our reputation for excellence through years of experience, innovation and professionalism.

From VIPs and famous folks, to families touring with their excited kids,
seeing the mountains for the first time.

 Many of our guests are domestic travelers, but we have also hosted visitors from more
than 34 countries
around the world.

Maybe you'll want some adventure?

The definition of the word Adventure is “an exciting or remarkable experience,”
“seeing and showing,” or an “unusual or risky venture.”
Evidently it was first used in the 14th century when Europeans were setting out to see the world,
amid the many questions and dangers of the great unknown.
Adventurers were admired and wondered about,
and those left behind marveled at their bravery!

Well, certainly a sense of adventure is different for everyone.
But we at A Guide Out West
don’t think of our Private Guided Sightseeing Tours as risky ... Ever!

The only risks you will take on our private guided tours are those of filling your eyes with our beautiful vistas as we drive along, and maybe hoping
to get that one great Colorado photo
you have always wanted.
If you are the sort of visitor who wants to fly off mountains on skis or scare yourself on a raft
as you bounce down a wild river,
our Private Guided Tours may not be for you.

However, if you have in mind more of a gentle day, planned by you alongside your private, professional Tour Guide, then our tours ARE for you. We guarantee that you'll experience your own sense of western beauty, and gain personal insights into the landscapes and landmarks
you have come to visit out here in the West.

"Come for a visit ... not just a view!"