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  • Choose your destination
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    for details and suggestions
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  • Receive your Acceptance
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  • Full payment due 15 days prior to reserved tour date/s

A Guide Out West


  • Our Certified Tour Guide will meet you at your downtown hotel
  • Vehicles: Full-size SUVs or Luxury Mini-Vans
  • Fill out your tour paperwork on the spot
  • Pay the tour fee directly to the Guide
  • Then, it’s off on your own private adventure!

  • Coffee breaks and meals are scheduled as you wish,
    but are not included in the cost of the tour
  • Personal expenses, meals and gratuities are not included
  • Tour days are based on availability and weather permitting

Last-Minute Sightseeing Tours

A "Last-Minute Tour" is just that ...
A unique opportunity if you have only a few hours to visit

Nothing pre-planned?
No reservations? 
Would you like a same-day tour?
The more you tell us, the better we'll be able
to help you create a great day
and a matchless memory of your special experience!

For our itinerary suggestions and a price schedule, please see
Tour Fares Page

Group Sightseeing Tours ...

... Large

... or Small!

A Guide Out West

  • Sightseeing
  • Family reunions
  • Senior tours
  • Church and Sunday School excursions
  • Private, VIP groups
  • Western history tours
  • Convention services
  • Military tours
  • Wedding guests' activities
  • Tour Desk services
  • Orientation tours
  • Groups, large, small
    and in-between!

Many of our clients bring groups to Colorado every season,
and some less frequently than that.  They seem to remember their past tours and how they promised to return for more! Hearing from them makes
it a very special day for our staff and our guides, and we are always excited
that we'll again see many familiar faces, as well as new ones.

However, sometimes they even remember tales our Guide shared
with them in the past, and request the same, old Colorado jokes
and stories that they heard on their last visit.
(That can leave our Guide scratching his or her head,
saying ... "Ummmm ...")

Get our insider's information!
Where to go?
   What to do?   What to see?
What's going on in Colorado?

We would love to help you plan your tour
and share our trusted, proven information and advice.
In fact, we guarantee it!

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