Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are set forth by
Colorado Tour Guides, LLC, dba A Guide Out West

Tour Passenger Responsibilities

     Each passenger will assume responsibility for following safety regulations as set
by Colorado Tour Guides, LLC, and A Guide Out West. This responsibility includes tour procedures and acceptable patterns of behavior as set forth and required by the Tour Guide and/or Tour Manager onsite or onboard.

     Colorado Tour Guides, LLC, ("CTG") reserves the right to refuse service and boarding to anyone who, in our sole opinion, may affect the safety, the health and/or the enjoyment of other tour guests and passengers prior to, or during the tour.

     In the event that service by CTG is refused for any reason whatsoever, the passenger will incur all travel expenses for his or her own departure from the tour. That expense is the sole responsibility of the passenger and not CTG, Guides, Tour Managers, its Independent Contractors, it’s subsidiaries or vendors.

Mental and Physical Health Disclosures
of Passengers on Tour

     Most tours involve some moderate walking and stair-climbing, as well as walks on pavement or dirt paths, such as in National Parks.
     CTG personnel, et al, are restricted from providing personal, physical assistance to those who are physically or mentally disabled in any form.
     CTG certainly welcomes passengers who may have special needs.
However, such person must be accompanied by an able-bodied adult companion
who can assist with walking, wheelchairs or walking devices, climbing, entering/exiting all transportation, attractions and activities.
     CTG holds the able-bodied adult companion fully responsibility for their challenged passenger during the tour and in the event of any emergency.

Liability Statement

The Terms and Conditions of
Colorado Tour Guides, LLC, dba A Guide Out West,
as stated, apply as the sole agent for coordination and arrangement of the numerous and various services of sub-contractors and vendors before, during, and after any tour.

     This includes assigned Tour Guides and Tour Managers, any and every mode of transportation, food and/or meal vendors and restaurants, activity providers and any admission/entrance fees or tour arrangements booked by A Guide Out West, (AGOW) Colorado Tour Guides, LLC, (CTG) or by any guest, and/or visits of any kind.

     Any and all persons or companies engaged in conducting such support services are NOT employees of CTG or AGOW. Therefore, these companies assume no liability whatsoever for any loss or accident, loss or damage of luggage, delays, inconveniences, expenses of any kind or injury to the persons traveling before, during or after any activity, planned or otherwise which may be included on any tour.

Additionally, AGOW and/or CTG are not responsible for the default or negligence caused by any person or company engaged in providing any service for a tour, or by any strike, work stoppage, acts of Providence, weather, or other events beyond our control.

CTG reserves the right to cancel or alter any tour when circumstances demand or require.

By submitting your payment for any tour, including all activities and attractions, you are accepting these Terms and Conditions in their entirety.

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