Private Guided Tours
Our Signature Service

Private Guided Tours are just that ... personalized, custom itineraries designed for the discriminating guests. A unique passport into what Colorado offers, off the beaten path.
It's all yours, and you get to see what you want, on your schedule. It's absolutely perfect for couples, families, individuals, VIPs and small groups.

You never have to doubt that you are in the kindest, most capable hands. Let us help you create your own wonderful memories of Colorado!

The Ultimate Tour Adventure
Exactly what is the Ultimate Tour Adventure in Colorado?

Many think it means rock climbing, shooting the rapids, helicopter skiing, or hiking up mountains!
(Or, maybe tour opportunities which require protective clothing and equipment?)

Not interested in that sort of adventure?

Colorado Tour Guides, LLC
A Guide Out West
Colorado's Premier Guide Service

Our specially trained, experienced Sightseeing Guides truly believe that real, live adventure is absolutely personal, and is tailored specifically to what you wish to do or see.

It's a private guided tour, but so much more, because it truly is a "limited edition experience" that will spoil you for anything else!
Even if you are not a first-time visitor, there is always so much going on in Colorado, that there is something new to see almost every day!
Why not consider a customized, private guided tour that reflects your own interests and allows for a personal, quality experience?

Let us help you create wonderful memories
of Colorado!

Custom Itineraries

  • Perfect for couples, families, individuals, VIPs and small groups
  • See what you want,
    on your preferred schedule
  • So, it's more like visiting with a local friend, who is happy to share all that is beautiful and unique about Colorado
  • Just let us know what you have in mind and we'll pick you up!
  • You never have to doubt that you are in the kindest, most capable hands on a private guided tour

Why Choose A Private Guided Tour?

Perfect for couples, families, individuals, VIPs and small groups
See what you want, on your schedule

So, it's more like visiting with local friends, and you get to see Denver and beyond, your way!

You never have to doubt that you are in the kindest,
most capable hands on a private guided tour.

Let us help you create wonderful memories of Colorado!

  • Avoid crowds and lines, wedged between strangers and at the mercy of a scheduled route with very short stops
  • Tour with your own group. We do not combine
    different groups on any private tour, so you choose your own tour companions
  • Top-rated, highly-experienced, expert local Guides who are specially chosen for private guided tours
  • No rushing from place to place … linger a little longer here or there if you wish. It's simply the beauty and the fun of a private guided tour!
  • No more waiting on the street corner for your tour bus to pick you up. We come right to the front door of your downtown Denver hotel
  • Frequent comfort breaks at your convenience
  • No commercial signage or insignia on our vehicles, drawing attention to our VIP tour guests
  • Travel with us up the smallest mountain road for the breathtaking views, where big tourist buses cannot go
  • Friendly, fun, Professional Guides who are 100% into providing a memorable experience, based on our attention to detail
  • Not just a sightseeing tour … it is our pleasure to offer one-on-one conversations, with time for photo stops, and more detailed explanations of views or landmarks

We are betting that your Private Guided Tour will be a highlight of your trip to
Denver, Colorado, and the West

Colorado Mesas and Mountains

Here's How it Works

Private Tours are designed and booked, based on:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • What do you want to see or experience?
  • How long you would like your tour to last?

    Just to make it easy, the most popular Private Tours below are based on our guest's comments and our years of experience. Each Private Tour is briefly described (with a suggested Itinerary) and the fares are listed. for each.

    Once you decide upon what, where, and when ...
    There are three easy ways to request more information or to book your preferred date:

Send us an email

Send us a text message

Or, simply go to the "Contact Us" page

All our Private Guides may be out on tours,
so we may not be able to pick up the phone at the moment,
but we will contact you at our earliest possible opportunity.
We'll be glad to chat, or answer any questions you may have!

Half-Day Tour ( 3-4 hours )

Red Rocks Park and Denver
$149 first person, $70 each additional person

Denver Art Museum

A perfect Denver orientation!
First, we'll leave the city behind for awhile and drive out west to the
spectacular Red Rocks Park, home
of one of the most famous outdoor amphitheaters in the world.
Almost every legendary singer and band you can think of has performed
in this "rock garden" and it is truly a magnificent sight at any time of day and at any time of year.

Then, it's back to the city with a very entertaining look at all that is old and new, historic and modern.
You'll hear the tales of the famous and infamous, and have some great views of the our State Capitol, the Theater District, Civic Center, Victorian Denver, our various professional sports venues, Larimer Square, and much more.
There are always a few surprises along the way.

Please feel free to customize your Private Guided Tour on the spot! Your Guide does not run a "set" Itinerary, because your tour is yours to design and experience.

Full-Day Tour  (6-7 hours)

Historic Gold Country
$209 first person, $70 each additional person

Red Rocks Trading Post
Continental Divide

The 1859 Gold Rush!
Hear the true tales of early miners who struck it rich, and pioneers whose vision helped create modern Colorado.
Out to the west of Denver are the wild and beautiful foothills, which sit at the foot of the Continental Divide.

We'll visit the iconic Red Rocks Park, historic mining towns, and Lookout Mountain, the resting place of William F. Cody, the world-famous"Buffalo Bill."

These are the unforgettable, spectacular views everyone loves. The Native Americans called this area "the land of the long look" and that's exactly what you will be treated to.
So, don't forget your camera!

There’s time for lunch and a stroll in an authentic mining town, where the Cornish miners brought their families and their skills to Colorado Territory. The Idaho Springs Visitor Center is considered one of the best small-town Museums in the nation and it's worth a visit!

Plus, there's always a good chance we can see our bison herd grazing in their mountain pastures.
(Yikes! We cannot promise!)
Sometimes they are extremely shy, but we are usually fairly lucky, and we'll stop for photos
for sure!

Extended-Day Tour (9-10 hours)

Top of Colorado Tour   (Two Choices)
$259 first person, $70 each additional person

#1  Rocky Mountain National Park

Unforgettable vistas, amazing photo stops, alpine tundra, wildlife and critters (if we are lucky!) and top-notch western history awaits.
Rocky Mountain National Park, was the original home of Native American Indians, who loved it's vast views of the surrounding mountain ranges and and lush valleys.

 You'll see the quaint village of Estes Park, a tourist mecca for the last century.
See the famous Stanley Hotel, which inspired Steven King's book and movie, and which many claim to be one of the most haunted buildings in Colorado.Have some fun and sing “Rocky Mountain High!” along with John Denver, on the twists and turns as we ascend to the top of the world.

This is only one of Colorado's four National Parks, and each is incredibly special and unique. However, Rocky Park may have the most famous and most spectacular views in the high country. You just cannot miss your chance to feel the mountain breezes and gaze on this wild landscape!

#2  Pikes Peak/Colorado Springs  

Enjoy a tour through Colorado Springs, spread out at the foot of Pikes Peak, affectionately known as "America’s Mountain!"

Spend a morning on the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad as it chugs to the very summit. Buying your ticket and jumping on your Cog is a lot easier than climbing up on foot, which hardy visitors have been doing for over a century! Enjoying one of life's most treasured moments is just a lot easier
in this century and you won't regret this enthralling adventure.

The ancient Garden of the Gods, holds many reminders of human history. Wandering among the spires and red sandstone formations is a dazzling, breathtaking experience, just because of their sheer size and the dramatic formations shooting up against the blue Colorado sky.

Other stops may include the United States Air Force Academy, the youngest and westernmost military academy in America. The spacious campus sits on almost 2,000 acres, sitting at the foot of Pikes Peak. The Goldwater Visitor Center is a perfect place to pick up an Air Force souvenir,
walk over a trail to the iconic Chapel, or enjoy a cold drink.
If you are interested in the Olympic Games, it's always interesting to stop at the Olympic Training Center.
Or, for the true stories of early Colorado Springs, the remarkable downtown Pioneer Museum is incredible, for both young and old.

So, our private guided tours will have you feeling like a local in no time. It may be a bit more expensive than a sightseeing bus, but
our guests tend to be more discerning. Being with your own friends, colleagues, or family in a private and comfortable touring environment is definitely worth it!

You know the old saying ...
"If you want the best, than hire the best!"
Colorado Tour Guides
A Guide Out West

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What are our guests
saying about
A Guide Out West?

Here are a few of the reasons why
Private Guided Tours with

A Guide Out West
are so popular with our
Colorado visitors,
based on the comments
we hear all the time!

"What a wonderful day!
My wife and I enjoyed everything we saw, but especially the stories that really explained what we were seeing.
Thank You!"
---- Bob and Jenny S.

"My daughters and I had such great fun on our tour, and we learned so much.
Our photos turned out great!"
---- Chris M., San Francisco

   "We really cherish our time in Colorado with you and will never forget it. Even though
we never saw a live bear, the picture you sent us
when we returned home
is now on our wall!
What fun we had!"
   ---- Sam and Sitalia, CT

"Wishing you many more
happy times in the Colorado mountains. Sharing your days with us was much more than we ever expected and your western stories and knowledge just never let's up! Our kids loved you and are ready
to move to Denver!
Can't wait
to come back for more!"
 ---- Richards Family, NYC

The Land Cruisers would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time, effort and knowledge in making our tour so enjoyable. We all wish you continued success!

On behalf of the entire Fetch! Team, thank you for making our Rocky Mountain Summit such a success!
We just loved spending the day with you getting to know the Denver and Foothills areas.
Great memories!!

Our mountain tour was perfect!
Frank was a wonderful guide and we learned so much. Not to mention laughing at those old western sayings and jokes!
Thank You and we'll be back next year!
----- Mr. and Mrs. R., NJ

Our record number of photos taken by only one guest just happened this summer on her private guided tour to Rocky Mountain National Park.

She took more than 3,000 pictures that day!

We did not make this up.

Her only comment
all day long was ...

"HOW can you answer all our questions, show us the most wonderful scenery, and just enjoy our company all day? We were so lucky to find you as our Private Guide.
We felt like we were sightseeing with a favorite Uncle!"
Pat and Jill, MA

Tak fur un god tur!
We loved it!
Lars & Family,

We learned so much as we traveled through Colorado and the Southwest with you!
Thank You and we will always think of you on your horse, riding the range!
Pat and Sandra D., SC

Thank you for being our Guide today. We learned so much! You really know what you are talking about!!
Stella and Dick, MO

Dear Gaye,
Thank you for your happy tales and making us feel so welcome. What a good tour and what a beautiful state Colorado is.
Bless You,
Dorothy A., IA

We want to thank you personally for bringing the Rocky Mountains to life for our trip last month. It felt so good to finally get up into the mountains, especially since we do not have them in Suffolk!
Best wishes, Cass and John, UK

Dear Our Guide,
You are most professional guide in Denver and we want to thank you three times!
Very good!
Jun Chang, China

We truly appreciate you! Your wonderful smile and contagious laugh made us so happy. You added joy to our groups' experience in Colorado and we will all be coming back one day! Come to the Philippines and see us next time!
Quezonian Assn Tour