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Group Sightseeing Tours
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We understand that your group sightseeing tour is absolutely unique. Depending on your agenda, your goals and interests, we understand how to design a one-of-a-kind, distinctive sightseeing experience, keeping in mind your time limitations and financial requirements.

  • Domestic sightseeing groups
  • International sightseeing groups
  • Association group tours
  • Convention sightseeing
  • Corporate meeting events

Coordinated Tours for Special Interest Groups
Just let us know who your guests are
and we'll customize your sightseeing to fit!

A personal note from Gaye,
the Founder and Head Guide of
Colorado Tour Guides, LLC, and
A Guide Out West

"We have designed and planned many, many group sightseeing tours over the last decade, including helping with some pretty unusual itineraries for various groups!
Of course, there have been plenty of small and large groups who just wanted a relaxing "window tour" of Denver, with our professional guides who share some fun facts and beautiful views of our city.

I have guided mining engineers on the western slope gas fields, high school band and choir groups, retirement association groups and lot's of "spouse trips," offered by corporations holding conferences in  Denver. All groups are different, but we know they wish to have the same thing, which is to offer something fun for those who are not in meetings, or maybe an after-hours evening tour.

However, there have been just as many tours which focused on other activities, such as those lively reunion groups, with passengers of all ages. One of my best memories is of a the church group from Alabama, consisting of lot's of youngsters with their grandparents. There was a little boy onboard of about five years old, who carefully came up the aisle and tapped me on the shoulder. He very shyly asked if he could "help" me with my commentary about dinosaurs as we passed Dinosaur Ridge in the foothills. I knew right away that this little guy knew ten times more about that subject than I did, so I gave him the microphone and he was the hit of the tour!

Another poignant memory is of several passengers over the years who quietly sob at Red Rocks Amphitheater, because their late brothers or fathers had helped build it. They were members of the Civilian Conservation Corp back in the 1930's. Their family members had always promised to come and pay their respects to their loved ones, who worked so hard in those difficult times and sent their earnings home to their hungry families.

There are also those tours where the passengers are so happy and having such a good time together chatting and laughing, that I just all but give up on trying to impart my tour-guide knowledge of historic and other stuff, and just join in the fun!

I have had a few groups who are very quiet, reserved and sober, making me work very hard for the faintest smile or nod. Even my Dad's terrible old Colorado jokes don't bring that sort of group to life sometimes, but I still aim to make it happen until the very last minute. Sometimes they are the very ones who hug me and give me the great compliments when we finish the tour. Oh my!

I have guided visitors via group sightseeing tours from more than 38 countries around the world, and believe me, I cannot speak all those different languages! So, I work with the Tour Managers onboard and we translate back and forth. I usually learn a little of those foreign languages as we go along, but I do admit that Latvian, Russian and Portuguese, among others, are pretty difficult to pick up sometimes!

There are always those passengers who are determined to ask me some sort of question which I cannot possibly answer, such as "please give me the flow rate of the Colorado River in the winter as opposed to the that of the Mississippi." Huh?

One of our favorite tour guides boarded a motorcoach full of visitors in her beautiful vintage dress and pretended to be an historic figure from Colorado's gold-mining past. Just for fun, she pretended to still be living in the 1880's and shared some great anecdotes about her life. We stopped the tour at the Idaho Springs Visitor Center, and as the passengers disembarked, one lady asked our Guide, "So, are you now living or are you now dead?"

Once, a passenger corrected me when I mentioned the Rio Grande River as the border between Mexico and the United States. She insisted that I correct my mistake, since "Everyone knows that it's the Rio de Janeiro River, Gaye!"

But I guess the best times onboard a group sightseeing tour is when folks are truly having a great time, with just the right mix of information, entertainment, laughter and fun.
I hear great comments which make ME laugh all day,  like, "Do the bears in Colorado only walk on the trails?" or, "I've been told not to get off the bus because of all the rattlesnakes," or, "Why does it take so long to get anywhere in the high mountains?" (We call those "vertical miles.")

I always try to answer them truthfully, but I've also been known to tell passengers that a good Tour Guide can always be quick on the draw and can make up a plausible answer as fast as a cowpoke can wink at a pretty cowgirl. I admit it.

But the best stories are those I am lucky enough to share from my own family's pioneer heritage here in the Colorado. They came here over a hundred years ago for a better life and to get rich in the Gold Rush and they did!
But that's another tale I'll save for when I see you, so
"Come for a visit, not just a view!"

We understand
your tour group
is completely unique,
whether you all are visiting ...

  • As a family, large or small
  • As a reunion group
  • As a Teacher/Student group
  • As Church or Sunday School group
  • Ethnic neighborhoods and history
  • As a wedding party activity
  • As a Mystery Trip
  • As a "Girlfriend Adventure"

We promise to send you home
after your sightseeing visit with your
eyes and hearts full
of what Denver and the West are all about!

We don't just recite facts and figures.
We invite our guests to ...

"Come for a visit, not just a view!"

Along with all those tales of western heroes, outlaws, pioneers, gold miners and rascals, we know where to find all the best photo opportunities are.
Do you wish to see
spectacular vistas, thrilling overlooks, wild flowers, cityscapes or red rock country? (Or some of each?)

It's our mission and our pleasure to help you create the best fun and wonderful memories possible, in the time you have available!

Choose the most popular group sightseeing tours,
or our
Premier Guides
will help you
wander a bit,
off the beaten path ...

  • Attractions
  • Activities
  • Meal suggestions
  • Reservations and   arrangements
  • Lots of fun and laughter along the way!

Explore and experience ...

  • Western National Parks
  • Historic Train rides
  • Rocky Mountain Highs
  • Bustling cities and ghost towns
  • Colorado and the Great Southwest

That all adds up
to complete group sightseeing plans,
with your own, very special group in mind.

"Cowboy up! Come on out West!"

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