Denver Sightseeing Tours!

"The Queen City of The Plains"

Denver sightseeing tours are a great idea and it's a wonderful time to visit The Mile High City.

Treating yourself or your group to a visit with a local expert is not only informative and educational, it's really fun!
The skies most always blue (Yup, year-round!) and we are known for our sunshiny days, even in winter. No matter what time of year you head out West, there is always lots to see and do. And, there are plenty of opportunities for memorable photos of those special moments which make for glowing memories.

We are a little biased, but we consider our beautiful Colorado Capitol city to be the perfect place for a Denver sightseeing tour.
Some folks say we are considered the "Birthplace of the West."
Maybe that's because Denver was the jumping-off place for the early pioneers who were flocking out West to get rich in the gold rush.

Tales of easy riches fueled the stampede to the wilds of Colorado,
and even though most did not find the promised gold mines they dreamed of, many decided to stay and help build a new civilization.

A Guide Out West would love to host your sightseeing tour

  • Because
    of our spectacular setting at the foot of the Rocky Mountains
  • Because
    of our breathtaking views of the Continental Divide
  • Because
    of our friendly local folks who are so happy to make sure you are welcomed with our famous ...

    "Howdy, Folks!"

We'll make sure you have fun places to go and find places you'll love.
But more than that, you'll see fabulous art, sculpture, cultural centers and architecture, both old and new.

Our city of Denver, was actually named after
our favorite singer, John Denver!

(Just kidding! We suspect it was the other way around?)

"I guess I'd rather be
in Colorado"

"The Colorado
Rocky Mountain high

I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky
The shadow from the starlight
is softer than a lullaby

Rocky Mountain High
In Colorado"

We miss him around here and we have honored him by choosing his song "Rocky Mountain High" as one of our official state songs. It's always amazing when our guests who come here from all over the work for a sightseeing tours know all the words to John's songs. We crank up the CD and everyone sings as we drive along and gaze upon the mountain crags and valleys that he so loved.

Early visitors (the original Denver sightseeing tour groups!) were often entertained around the campfire with Native American lore, and songs of the cowboys, just like in the old Western movies.
Today, friends and families still gather 'round to sing under the stars, inspired by poets like John Denver.

Even if you don't have time for a campfire, you will still be entertained by the tales of our celebrated westerners ... both famous and infamous ... who called Denver home. You'll appreciate a sightseeing tour where you can focus on the enjoyment and let the Wild West captivate you, too!

Some Stories are strange but true ...
and some are just the opposite!

But our Professional Guides are committed to giving you a Denver Sightseeing Tour that will make you laugh and let you feel like a local before the day is over.

Our bottom line is ... Fun!

Denver Sightseeing Tours

Colorado Capitol Gold Dome
Denver Mansion
"I see what you mean!"
Kiss the Critter
City Park View