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Just wait until you see the “New Denver”... a frontier town that has turned into a fabulous western, cosmopolitan city.

What do you want to see?

  • The famous highlights of Denver on a City Tour?
  • The exact spot where the Pikes Peak Gold Rush began in 1859?
  • Our spectacular Western National Parks?

    We're sure you have seen pictures of Colorado on television or the internet, but nothing compares with seeing it "up close and personal."
  • See the perfect place for a photo at sunset
  • Enjoy a short walk along a cold mountain stream
  • See the riot of mountain wildflowers
  • Pick up an old pan and find your own gold

Love trains? Boy, do we have 'em!

  • Narrow-gauge trains
  • Steam engine trains
  • Historic trains
  • Canyon trains and mountain trains

We even have our very own Train Museum to house all that train lore.

It's nostalgia for collectors and train buffs, and fun for kids of all ages.

Denver Step-On Guides

Our Step-On Guides are so challenged by all there is to show you,that’s it difficult to choose which route to take on any given tour, on any given day. And, we believe that a motorcoach full of discerning Denver visitors these days are not so interested in the usual “touristy” sites and sights. That’s why we like to say “Come for a visit … not just a view!”

Naturally, we highlight the cultural and sports venues, along with Victorian and ethnic neighborhoods. But our Step-On Guides don’t provide any“canned tours" you find in some cities.

Questions, Questions, and More Questions!

For instance, say your group decides to visit the State Capitol Building, with all the splendor and history at your fingertips. Almost all motorcoach tour groups make a stop there. It’s scenic all right, but how about learning a little more about the folks who actually built it and why Colorado is such a popular place for politicians to practice their politics?

? ? ?

  • What’s up with the Civil War Monument on the plaza … did we actually have a Civil War Battle way out here in the West?
  • Why are those huge canons sort of pointed at the City and County Building?
  • Why is that Big Blue Bear peeking into the Convention Center? After all, we’re not the Chicago Bears. We're the Denver Broncos!
  • Why did Colorado steal Buffalo Bill away from Wyoming, our nice neighbors to the north?”

Well, if you want the answers, you have a couple of choices ...

1. If you love research and have the time, sit down and find out for yourself.

2. Do it the fun and easy way with A Guide Out West

Denver is on the move!

We are rich in history, but even richer in vision and western spirit.

  • Learn about our famous and infamous natives
  • See our modern Queen City of The Plains
  • See our amazing new architecture and civic buildings
  • Gaze on our latest whimsical public art

Are you ready to let Colorado captivate you?

step-on guide, colorado

Stop by and get in on the fun!

"Thanks to you, our tour through Colorado and Utah was such fun! Your tales (even the tall ones!) of your pioneer ancestors made the old West come alive for us. Truly a great travel experience we will remember the rest of our lives." Gene & Barbara, SC

Shared with wit and enthusiasm,
our Step-on Guides
will enlighten you and illuminate
our unique corner of the world.

Your Tour Group is Unique
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That's because something
is always happening
around Denver
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The most important
question of all ...
just who are
our Step-On Guides?

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  • Ready to show you eveything
    from a local's perspective

And, of course we are all a little prejudiced about our spectacular Colorado!

Our Premier
Step-On Guides

  • One descends from a pioneer farming family way out in Nebraska Territory. She tells talks about the pioneer women who came even farther West, to settle and civilize the early Colorado population.

    You'll relate to the yarns of her great-grandma and the difficulties she overcame in early Colorado. Even though her ancestor would not approve, one of her favorite tour spots is the old Red Light District of Denver.

  • Another popular Step-On Guide specializes in tours through Rocky Mountain National Park, and is expert at scoping out the best vistas for photos, alpine flowers, and your best chance to see the abundant resident wildlife (if they are not being a little too shy during your visit that day.)

  • And still another is the great-great-granddaughter of Cornish immigrants whose family traveled around the world in order to find a new life. She will tell you about the Tommyknockers, the Piskies and the Giants who followed her ancestors to Colorado.

We'll match the perfect Guide to your PAX, and we guarantee you'll have a great experience!

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