Guided Tours
Denver, Colorado, The Great American West!

"Howdy, folks!"
Our specialty is a Guided Tour with western fun and flair!

If that's your goal, Congratulations!

Because that is exactly our goal, too.
Let us be the first to wish you a warm Western Welcome!

My name is Gaye
and I'm the Founder of
A Guide Out West.
I'm the great-granddaughter
of local pioneers who

came to Colorado to get rich
in the gold mines.

Rich in the Colorado gold mines?
(I think I'll save that story for when we meet on your tour!)

"I enjoy such a unique perspective. My Colorado
(and every western state)
is absolutely fascinating …
and I love sharing all of it
with visitors
from the world over!"

Come along with me,
or one of our
Premier Colorado Tour Guides.
Let us help you make
special travel memories
you will never forget.

The Wild West still sparks enthusiasm and makes history come alive. Come on out and see why!

It's sorta like what you have seen on television or in the movies.
Our western pioneer stories are all about boom and bust,
silver and gold bonanzas, and what it required
to build a frontier civilization.

Now, it's your chance to learn the truth
behind the tales of the native Americans, the outlaws,
the famous and the infamous.

Well, (maybe) we might admit
to telling a few tall tales along the way

Why The West?
You'll experience a part of America you'll never forget

Because you have already seen the movies and read the books

Because of our ancient canyons and majestic mountains

Because your custom guided tour is private, with personal service

Because Native Americans called us "The Land of the Long Look"

Why Denver?
You'll experience a part of America you'll never forget

Because we are the Gateway City to so many natural wonders

Because of old favorites; Larimer Square & the 16th Street Mall

Because of new favorites; too many to mention

Because a guided tour with our Certified Guides is so easy to arrange

Because Denver is changing before our very eyes,
and it's time to see what's new ... there's a lot going on! 
New public art
New architecture and museums
New parks and attractions
A whole new Cityscape, with new construction every day

Our Most Popular Tours
short or long, your choice

1. Denver City Tour
Experience the "Queen City of the Plains"
All the OLD and everything NEW this year
Denver is on the move - truly a vibrant city

2. Famous Foothills
Buffalo Bill's favorite haunts
Iconic Red Rocks Park
See or visit Coors Brewery
Dazzling views, stunning photos

3. Gold Country
Silver and gold mines
Native Americans and pioneers
Historic mining towns
Eat a buffalo (or just pet one)
Find a little gold yourself?

4. Rocky Mountain NP 
John Denver's
   "Rocky Mountain High"
Alpine meadows and tundra
Roving wildlife
Picturesque Estes Park
Heart-tugging views and photos

 5. Pikes Peak Country
Captivating Colorado Springs

Wondrous "America's Mountain"
Olympic Dreams Training Center

The U.S. Air Force Academy
Legendary Garden of the Gods

6. The High Country 
Breathtaking Continental Divide

Famous ski areas
Ghost towns
Quaint mountain villages

Extraordinary Breckenridge
All seasons, all spectacular!

Our Tour Guides don't "hush" you on guided tours

We love a little noise and sharing and laughter!
Look to the right to see a sample of the fun we'll have together

Let's answer these questions and all of yours, too
You'll add to your stash of trip trivia, but mostly you'll just have fun

Trust A Guide Out West to show you the way,
wherever you want to go ... We'll make it happen!

Welcome to 
Colorful Colorado 

and thanks for visiting our website!

Our tours are customized,
and perfect for individuals
or small groups,
as well as last-minute
Step-On Guides
for motorcoach tours.
We would love to meet you
and show you Denver, the Foothills, the mountains and our National Parks.

Some 2015 dates
are now open for
Private Tours and Step-on Guides.

Here in Colorado
  we have four fabulous     National Parks

And just beyond our   borders are 19 more ...   waiting for you!

Wild West Brainteaser

Answer these questions!

There's not really a prize but you'll get a nice tip of the famous Western hat
if you're right!

  1. How did Denver get it's name?

  2. What did 1893 have to do with anything?

  3. What’s a Tommyknocker?

  4. A Piskie?

  5. Why is there
    a high row of
    purple seats
    at Coors Field?

  6. Chocolate on a cheeseburger … Huh?

If you love to research and have the time,
we'll love your input!
Or, maybe like some of our frequent travelers, you might like to play ...

"Stump The Tour Guide?"

Great! But you might want US to do all that work on your guided tour. We'll plan to share our knowledge and experience, while you just relax and enjoy yourself.
Just concentrate on getting that next great photograph!

"Come for a visit -     we're expecting you!"

Give us a few hours and we'll give you more than 160 years!

"An enjoyable four days of touring with you - not only lots of excellent information, but a lot of fun and laughs. See you next year!"
Bill and Rose, Kentucky

"As we sat on the side of Buffalo Bill's Lookout, we sure did have a wonderful memory moment.
What a great trip out West! Thanks for a terrific tour and for your special care and concern for all our seniors."
Betty, New York